The company SET-Europe is the official distributor for the world well-known producer of casino equipment SET‑Production Co. founded in 1996, that manufactures the displays for roulette tables with video reading of the CYCLOPS family, remote terminals for live roulette table games ALASKA, Poker/Blackjack/Baccarat machines, roulette wheels, electro-mechanical roulettes, gaming tables and chairs, software and accessories.

SOLARIS wheel combines classic design with perfect assemblage and outstanding finishing quality.

ALTAIR wheel has modern look and fresh design. The turret has a helix shape with showy appearance especially when the wheel rotates. The Altair design allows finishing the wheel with a variegated color scheme, to emphasize any casino interior with the most bold design ideas.

Every single wheel will not be dispatched until it passes all instrumental tests and visual checkout.

  • High quality and absolute randomness
  • Lifetime warranty for bearings
  • Natural wood veneer covered with durable varnish
  • All metallic parts are made of non-magnetic metallic alloy and covered with chrome or nickel
  • Reinforced ball track of the artificial stone Corian
  • Cone and lower ball-track are finished with natural wood veneer covered with durable varnish
  • Bowl has a flat “shelf” finished with wood veneer
  • Single or double Zero wheels
  • Different finishing options
  • Turret and ball stops "golden" finishing
  • Casino name engraving

  • 24 months warranty: needed parts are delivered within 2-3 days

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